June 2nd, 2006

andy warhol daisy

Very interesting meme . . .

Put "(your name) needs" in Google and type up the top ten.

I didn't use the first ten that popped up because they didn't all make sense . . . but still . . . these are the first 10 that *did* make sense.

Here goes...

These problems indicate that Tonya needs additional tools to meet her educational ...
Tonya will need to use a combination of strategies and tools ...
I suppose some tools could help me meet my education dot dot dot . . .

Subject: Tonya needs to get a life I've actually been hoping for a new life lately.

He and Tonya need to work more together if they want to win. ... Tonya needs to help out a little more. I'm not sure who "he" is, but if we're gonna win then of course we need to work together.

As for the Unfab 3…they need to get laid. Tonya needs to grow a spine…or at least deflate her chest….that might be pushing on her spine And here I've thought all along that my spine was what held my back up. And it's news to me that my chest was inflated to begin with.

Tonya needs a job everyone Is something going on with the job I have now? What are you trying to tell me here?

“Tonya needs a lot of attention, Tonya sucks at life, blah blah blah …” As if Tonya is the one that walks around naked. Of course. And, duh, I DO walk around naked. In the bathroom just before and after I shower, anyhow.

Tonya needs approval to solicit bids from the various banks in the district. Yes, because if he and I are going to win, we need money!

yes, i agree, great chapter! i hope it doesn't take to long for tara to find willow. tonya needs psychological help. she is off her rocker! So did the voices tell you that?

Tonya has been teaching language arts in an urban middle school for fifteen years. She needs to have credits for certification renewal in a gifted program ... That's one of the educational dot dot dot things I need.

Tonya, 14, needs advice from her older sister, Kayla, 19. Although she's still in her. early teens, Tonya had sex once before with her ex and regretted it. Because Kayla is the one I trust.